If You Log On To The Web Today…

To the tune of “Teddy Bears’ Picnic”

If you log on to the web today
you’re sure of a big surprise.
If you log on to the web today
you’d better begin to get wise.

For every site that ever there was
will gather your data simply because
on the web today a notion of privacy is for thick hicks.

Harvest time for parasite-ware.
Clueless newbies are having a lovely time today.
Watch them, totally unawares,
as their bank acount is siphoned away.
See them gaily point and click
falling for every marketer’s trick
leaking data and simply giving away the rest
At six o’clock their internet service providers
will knock them off the net
because they’re zombie running spamming pests.

If you log on to the web today
You won’t be going alone.
If you log on to the web today
Google will track you all around and home.

For every large company that ever there was
covets your data simply because
pimping your data is a profitable slick trick.


Every surfer, browsing wide
will find plenty of baubles today.
Link bait, hijacks, phishers and drive-bys
Who cares, there’s wonderful games to play.

Under the surface, where nobody sees
is code to bring your credit to its knees
On the web today everybody is taking the Mick quick.



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