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  • Pole Position
    It's astronomical, honest!
  • Portal
    All good things come to an end, but they were good.
  • The Ultimate Compression Engine
    You won't believe what happened next with the one weird brain ability THEY don't want you to know about.
  • Intersect
    How do you handle merged databases when you couldn't find what already existed in the smaller separate data-sets?
  • A Handful of Social Media Couplets
    A collection of couplets on the subject of social media, you insensitive clod.
  • Convergence
    Modern technology is not the first time different functionalities have come together!
  • Jesus vs. The Easter Bunny
    When it comes to the battle over Easter, does Jesus or the Easter Bunny have the upper hand?
  • It All Henges Upon This
    Presentation of a theory for the reason for Stone Henge that's as good as any other.
  • Djinn Tonic
    The tale of a people's route to freedom from a trio of evil djinns.
  • Who Am I?
    A poem that includes a number of references to the works of Iain M. Banks
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