The Ultimate Compression Engine

When contemplating the human condition I find
it is difficult to exaggerate capabilities of the mind.
Not for our poetry, the sciences, for Go, or for chess
but for our brain’s abnormal ability to compress!

Take politics (please), as an illustration of this trait.
Many facets crystallise our concepts of affairs of state.
From money to military, the importance of due process.
The role of society. Research; what counts as progress?
To specify our position so many factors entwine,
yet our brains compress it all down to a Left-to-Right line!

But more incredible still, what it does with personal identity.
How could it possibly diminish what makes up you as an entity.
* There’s your genitalial gender, crude physicality.
* Self identity; looking in the mirror, who do you see?
* Who soaks up your brain cycles? Who is your nonpareil?
Reduced to a binary choice; two states: male or female!

3 ruminations on “The Ultimate Compression Engine

</sarc> (or </reductio-ad-absurditea> take your pick :) )

Shouldn't really be necessary but this is the internet after all...

Need to look up what nonpareil means! Bloody hell Adam I m gonna need to take my english to the next level to keep up with you :))

Love the irony in that comment.

I didn’t know the term a month ago. It was just a matching rhyme that, when I looked up the meaning, happened to be exactly what I was looking for.


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