Going Straight

Honestly, I had had no idea that that day
was not to go to plan.
That I would gain superpowers on my way
to aid my fellow man.

A colleague was suffering, to be candid,
the affliction of bad hair.
Jokingly I said straighten and it did
which gave us both a scare.

We did experiment, however, to confirm
what had started as a jest.
But when my supervisor returned with a perm
she was not much impressed.

Fired, I despondently walked home in the rain
until shock stopped me in mid pace.
I’d caught a glimpse of me in a window pane
with not a wrinkle on my face.

I didn’t hang about. I wanted to get in –
practice my powers and advance.
By the evening I could flatten even a mountain
…of laundry, with a single glance.

I’d be rich and famous. I’d no longer be a zero.
To domestic strife I would bring peace.
In short I had realised I would be a super hero
and be called “The Anti-Crease”.


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