After grasping at straws rather than needles from the proverbial haystack
would you find it easier in the union of two stacks back-to-back?
A subset of database pesterers want to chuck data-sets together this way.
The NSA, MI5, BBC et cetera; orgs never expect results to go a-gley.
These acronyminals repeal the real predicting awesome results.
“Just need to ‘nerd harder‘”; that’s a bad omen I’ve always felt.
Boomerang reality generally beckons whenever they use that phrase.
Such irrationality rings bells; examples abound nowadays.
The data was always there! That’s what leaves me perplexed.
Sure would like to know the trick to intersect with context.

One rumination on “Intersect

Possibly the least accessible poem I've written given the union of terms from groups/set theory and Chuck (that intersect on "intersect") but ah well.


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