A Handful of Social Media Couplets

I shot a tweet into the ‘net, thousands of people I did upset.

I threw a lolcat into the air. Oh dear! Kitty pieces everywhere.

I am now embarrassed to mention, that I have a dog called Fenton.

You believed the blogosphere? Dear, oh dear. You must be new here.

I sent a tweet without thinking, which is why my heart’s now sinking.

They shot a spam into my inbox. I hope they all go down with smallpox.

“Anonymous coward is littler, for comparing me to Hitler.”

I replied to say “I’m not yellow”, and “Just who is this Goodwin fellow?”

I shot a query into the net. Sometime later… I haven’t had an answer yet.

All should be suspicious, I venture, of winning lotteries they did not enter.

I have yet to be convinced it’s true, that microwaved penguins turn a shade of blue.

I have a use for my cloudy box. I use it to store pictures of… um… rocks?

I cussed and just must distrust the cloud where I thrust my images of lust.

I blew through quite a few reviews, to find blue views that were new too.

To the blog craze I did succumb. I built it… but they did not come.

I tried so hard to start a meme. It’s harder than it first may seem.

The social media world pretends that I have three thousand friends.

With the ‘net I can now tweet, to millions I’ll never have to meet.

I have so far been too chicken, to let all see where I check in.

I shot a file into the cloud. “It’ll be safe there”, I avowed.

Every day I sit down and blog, but pretend it’s from my dog.

No posts yet. I will wait. Until I have the perfect bait.

Social media poems are a little odd? I’ve written some you insensitive clod!


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