It’s difficult to satyr how much you faun over your nue phone
Full of bull, you pan all phones – “all crocs”, saving yours alone.
Your arguments snake round the truth, the lion drags on… gets my goat.
As you harpy on about how many bits and manticores you tote.

Already you crow about the siren call of the next phone you’ll don.
It’s not pheasant, as you squirrel away cash for your next dear phone to rabbit upon.
You dont care that it might take tengus just to connect,
about the risk of going hoarse, as you fish for some respect.

That we think you’re a horus, is a gorgon conclusion,
paid for bai ze networks, they encourage your delusion.
We’d just like some silenus, why don’t you triton?
You bast! It sphinx, how eagle you are to lion.


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