Jesus vs. The Easter Bunny

“Pieces of Eight Radio here, with commentators Frank & John.
Jesus vs the Easter Bunny, today’s fight to be commentated on…”

    Thanks Jim, and welcome listeners to the Colesseum in this glorious weather,
    for this fight with two protagonists who seem to have been around forever.
That’s right John but we have quite the controversy here today
with many complaining that Jesus has been allowed things too much his way.
    Yep Frank, on one side we have the Easter Bunny and its basket.
On the other Jesus with nails, thorns and a spear to put bunny in a casket,
not to mention 12 disciples as seconds, popes and cardinals threatening excommunication
and somehow allowed the entire Roman Empire spanning most of known creation!
    I know, I know, in this day and age it seems amazing that this brutality
    is going to be allowed, but I gather it’s all allowed under a technicality.
and Jesus’ supporters have been threatening thunderbolts as well,
before bundling Bunny off to the third circle of hell.

    Both sides now enter the arena. And they’re off. The Roman legions advance,
    pushing and jostling, each of them eager to have the first chance.
And they’re nearly within lunging distance before the Easter Bunny makes a move…
and pulls out some chocolate. *GAME OVER*! And it’s clear the audience approves.


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