Eye of Toad

The toad had to pause as it had run out of breath
while keeping ahead of the chase.
But it was all too aware that it was facing its death
if it could not maintain the pace.

The witches had found that it just wasn’t to be
when already two thirds through the spell.
It had needed ‘eye of toad’ but the jar was empty
and their neighbours had run out as well.

It knew it could not run. It knew it had to hide.
To get away or just to rest.
And, as it looked around, a chicken it spied
innocent and content on its nest.

Now this frog was bright and had been around a bit
and it had some knowledge of this spell.
It knew that the witches, if they couldn’t catch it,
could settle for a bird’s eye just as well.

The chicken saw it coming and thought it was best
to get off and step to one side.
It settled back once the toad had dived into the nest
allowing its fellow creature to hide.

Not a moment too soon. The witches arrived then
and just stood there looking around.
The hen looked at them and they looked at the hen
neither of them making a sound.

The hen rose once again but of toads the nest was bare.
The witches could see nothing but eggs.
Then it pecked at the straw and the toad leapt in the air
for the chicken had pecked at its legs.

For the chicken had also known what the witches would try
if they found it alone in its abode.
It knew the danger it had been put in and that was the reason why
the chicken had double-crossed the toad.


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