Sufficiently Advanced?

It was just yesterday that I met him in the field behind my house.
A man mountain against the wind, he stood listening to a mouse.
“What are you doing?” I asked and he replied with good humour
“I’m just letting this mouse fill me in on a rumour.”
I’m afraid that it’s at this point that I started to laugh.
His joviality blew away and he brandished his staff.
“Make the most of your ignorance and scorn while you may
but I ask, ‘Just who are you to mock me this way?'”
The wind howled,the sky darkened and rain started to fall
but the deluge didn’t seem to touch this man at all.
“I am called by many names. Around here I’m ‘Refruul the Great’
since performing no small service for your potentate”
The name was indeed known to me. I dropped to my knees.
In muddy breeches I pleaded “I didn’t realise. Forgive me, please.”
If he heeded my appeal then he displayed no sign
he just kept on while water and chills ran down my spine.
“I have discovered and raised lost and drowned cities.
It was I who removed the ancient curse of Aldrakytrities.
I’ve brought down kings, I’ve restored princes to usurped thrones.
I’ve even solved decade old murders given just the bare bones.
I’ve quested and cured. I’ve bested and lured.
I’ve conjured and endured, procured and obscured.
And now when I choose to listen to a mouse you deride my way.
I ask you again ‘Who are you? What do you have to say?”

And so I invited him in, this man greater than me by far,
because I wanted to know if he could operate my VCR.


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