Djinn Tonic

“Tell me dear uncle, please tell me again,
why we praise this day from way back when?”
Why, in days gone before this country was run
by a trio of djinns. It wasn’t much fun.
They ravaged, and rampaged, massacred, and more
That’s what it was like in the days before

“Before what exasperating uncle? Please explain now,
the way they were beaten. How was it done? How?”
Why, three wise men did it. They studied for years;
consulting old texts, entrails, demons and celestial spheres.
Just three magic lockets came from a lifetime’s enquiry,
but they caused today’s date to be in every diary.

“You do this deliberately, disowned ex-uncle of mine!
Just how did these trinkets make everything fine?”
Why, when brought into contact, each captured one beast.
That is why the frivolity, the fireworks, the feast.
Ever since then, traditionally, that has been the way
we celebrate what we call “In The Pendants Day”.


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