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  • Who Am I?
    A poem that includes a number of references to the works of Iain M. Banks
  • If You Log On To The Web Today…
    A description of the hostile environment of the web today (to the tune of "Teddy Bears' Picnic"
  • Pier Today, Gone Tomorrow
    A semi-affectionate sci-fi black technology conspiracy tale in rhyme of the events of 2008-07-29 in Weston-Super-Mare
  • The Key
    Consider the crack down on The Key an exercise in futility.
  • Prayer To The Omnipotent FSM
    A prayer to the FSM given that, due its omnipotence, I cannot rely on any internal or external perceptions.
  • Community Creatures
    What type of creatures make up the various community sites?
  • Santa Spam
    Whenever a person with great resources dies there is always somebody who needs your help to process them.
  • The Phoenix Diet
    The phoenix has the ultimate faddish yo-yo diet.
  • Amore Astronomico
    A different view on heaven sent?
  • Cobblers
    Is nobody safe from spammers?
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