Pier Today, Gone Tomorrow

There has been an outcry, a hullabaloo.
And what a to do from the media zoo.
All about what happened to Weston’s Grand Pier
and how is the town going to pull through?

But one side of the story that none will address,
it seems it’s just the mess that interests the press,
is the pier’s history as a black technology lab
and how, in that role, Weston has had such success!

Where else to develop the water-repelling ray
that keeps tides at bay twenty three hours a day?
Where else could you hide the robotic donkeys
so parents aren’t too afraid to let their kids play?

There’s the infinite promenade warping space and time
– a neverending source of grime all the time.
And the teleporting train to the other end
a serious technology learning curve to climb.

My uncle down in Weston was cloning people with ease.
Was it his technologies that somebody was tasked to seize.
The ones the town council had long been using
to churn out lots of happy families.

Was the pier burnt down because they wanted to hide
all the technology, tried and untried, hidden inside?
Or was it, perhaps the dark forces of a foreign power
that has forever changed Weston-Super-Mare’s seaside?


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