Poems about zoomorphism

  • Community Creatures
    What type of creatures make up the various community sites?
  • Taking the Train
    When you live in the country traveling to work can be difficult even with local trains.
  • Minutes
    Ever wondered about the announcements at train stations?
  • Tentacles of Love
    Your thoughts wrap themselves, like tentacles, round the idea of your love
  • Christmas Sparkle
    It's the Christmas Sparkle that makes it a joyous time of year
  • Following
    Sometimes management lives in a little fantasy world of its own. Unfortunately some will follow them in.
  • An Us
    Differences between the three beasts - a Lone, a Meandu and an Us
  • Beware of the Dogs
    Who has more reason to beware of the dogs than Death
  • Easter Bunny
    The Easter Bunny concept does not have to be impractical