Tentacles of Love

Yes it is supposed to say ‘tentacles’!

The creature realises it is drifting and redoubles
its efforts against the tide in this sea of troubles.
But just when it thinks it will be facing a watery grave
it is lifted on to a rock by a sudden wave.
Not wanting to look a gift sea horse in the mouth it
clasps its tentacles around the rock while the billows buffet.
The rock provides a haven against the worsening weather.
The creature has found safety as long as it maintains its tether.
But eventually the waves rise higher and separate the two.
Its tentacles take to flailing. It knows not what to do.
Somehow it fights its way back and wraps its tentacles around
its rock in a sea of troubles, a heart of solid ground.
And when the storm subsided, as the worst of weather will,
it did not forget its rock. You’ll always find it nearby still.


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