An Us

A Lone, with its awesome reflexes, prowls far and wide hunting for its prey.
Sometimes joining a pack when hunting in places where multiple quarries may lay.
It frequents waterholes frequently where often you may hear it gloat
and where you can easily recognise it by its mating call of “Getchacoat”.

The Meandu, the original two backed beast, that also has another head.
With four legs as well it rarely masters coordination until it is nearly dead.
It congregates in massive loosely knit flocks that exercise discretion;
they may unite or they may scatter when they are faced with aggression.

An Us, very sure footed. Very territorial, but otherwise totally at ease.
Having already made sure that around it is anything that it may please.
It can often be found partaking of meals with the rest of its pride
that will synchronise perfectly against any threat from the outside.


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