A different type of fantasy world

Morning Mike, although I don’t see how you can claim it is good.
After that debacle yesterday I would think that you would
be feeling that management has completely lost the plot.
The senior executives who spoke patronised whenever they could.
The whole day just showed it’s too late to ward off the rot.
Alright so we met lots of people, but I don’t suppose we’ll see them again.
Then when it ran into the evening. I should have been entertaining then.
While, as always, our travel expenses won’t be reimbursed.
They are planning another of course. The only question is when.
But at least there’s no way it could be worse than the first.

Morning Mike, I suppose it’s not too baad if you put your best foot forwards.
Well, we were only entertaining the neighbours, the baarbarous drunkards
so, no great sacrifice not to endure the company of them.
Really I suppose it’s a good thing to skip a baarbecue with those dullards
no need to accept gracefully another baargain bin item.
As for the event itself I suppose they must have given of their best.
All of the others I’ve spoken to appear to have been quite impressed.
It was stressed, by several, as being a day out of the office too.
Then of course there was the opportunity, if taken, to find out what the rest
of the company does, do some networking, get different points of view.

Morning Mike, and what a baalmy day it is forecast to be.
You heard right, for next year’s occasion I am on the committee,
looking forward to meeting again the people I met there this year.
We’re planning one vision for everyone of consistency and diversity
No, it was not compulsory. I’m a willing volunteer.
It’s a day that cannot be commandeered, a day reserved for the team.
All of us pulling together, that has always been my dream,
each of us, in our own direction, to baanish the slack
Baah! There’s no place for baaleful baad apples under the coming regime.
Why are you looking at me like that? What’s wrong? Come baack.


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