Today you find out you’ve been too blunt for too long.
Nobody wants to know, leaving you blue.
It’s going to be a long boring day if I’m not wrong.
Now is that unambiguous enough for you?

It would be to your benefit if today you went wild.
Let your hair down and what will be will be.
Today is the day when you should unleash your inner child.
Why do I bother? You never listen to me.

You will play with your rocket kit in the park.
with which you’re planning to fly to Everest.
Hower you lose sight of it at the peak of its arc
and once again you lose all interest.

There, there. Never mind perhaps if you were to let
the world alone, it would ignore you too.
Lock yourself in the house all day with your pet
and let’s see what the world will do.

You are explaining the role of gravity in astrology to a scientist
and are amazed when he has the cheek to argue.
Saying that a fat scientist standing adjacent, the fact you’ve missed,
would have the same pull as Pluto on you.

Just leave it alone, okay. You finished it yesterday.
There is nothing left to be done
Oh alright. If you’re only going to worry about it anyway
then you might as well have your fun.

The only two couples you know you haven’t yet broken apart
have foolishly both invited you to a do.
Fortunately with your indecision you don’t even know how to start
deciding which side of the fence is for you.

Now why should I tell you what the future has in store
when you never tell me a thing?
Well, okay, but I’m only telling you because what I saw
was your day will be entirely boring.

You want some variety? Well, well, that is a novelty.
Excuse me, just stifling a yawn.
Okay you want something different. You might have difficulty
today in dealing with a capricorn.

Look, I’ve just had enough of you however much I’m paid
Just go and get drunk. For me.
And when you’ve done that go and get yourself laid.
You’ll find Sagittarii are rather easy.

Walking your pet you’re really looking for those that know
and will tell you how wonderful you are.
But you’re startled by a UFO and in shock you release your rhino.
Oops, now wasn’t that a faux pas.

Your intuition is telling you that it was your destiny all along
to join the samaritans and today you should go.
Fortunately, given your fear of responsibility it is just plain wrong.
Your fate today is to be hit by a fleeing rhino.


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