Spam. Huh? What is it good for?

I am a happy person
but then, who wouldn’t be?
My inbox is my guru.
I follow it religiously.

I’ve helped out many a person
having problems with their cash flow.
And with the cash I make from that
the stock tips I can then follow.

More money can be saved
knowing how to avoid your bills.
And on occasion when I feel down
then I always have the pills

Then there are the websites
that are recommended to me.
Such a diversity of human life
is out there for all to see.

And if you want to join them
then, for just a minor charge,
it seems there is no body part
you cannot reduce or enlarge.

Normally I would tell no-one
about the secret of my email
but I’ve just received another one
about a mailing list for sale!


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