Once Upon A Time

Once upon a time I believed all kinds of things.
I believed in horses with horns
and even in horses with wings!
I thought at the bottom of the garden
fairies would cavort and play.
I thought that under every bridge there lived a troll
and, when on my own, I stayed well away.
It never occurred to me then that
a fairy collecting teeth was a curious beast.
The Sandman, Father Christmas, dragons and elves,
these now seem just as implausible at least.
I no longer believe in transmogrifying frogs
or that princes can only exist in threes.
The very idea of Rumplestiltskin just makes me laugh.
I now know better than to believe in any of these.

But there is one thing that I believed in then
that even, no especially, today I still believe is true.
There are some who would say “It is just a fairytale”
but I believe in happy ever after with you.


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