I was walking one day
through nature’s display
in a woodland remote and secluded
when a question of species
then caused me to freeze
as I came across the most hideous hybrid.

I wanted to flee
and let the beast be
but terror had rooted me to the spot.
Time slowed to a crawl
as fear held me in thrall
because domesticated this definitely was not.

It had talons to rip
with strong jaws to grip
filled with far too many teeth that could tear.
Plus a powerful tail
that made me feel frail
as it lashed it with a menacing air.

Its muscular legs put
it as fleetest of foot
obviously able to catch me if I ran.
With tension in its thighs
as it narrowed its eyes
and watched me being as helpless as anyone can.

And since that fateful day
there’s been nothing that may
cause me to wake in a cold sweat in my bed
As when I dream what I saw
in that moment before
the creature turned on its heels and fled.


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