Christmas Fairy

Have you ever heard the tale of the Christmas Fairy
and how it came to be at the top of the tree?
No? Then make yourself comfortable and listen to me.

It was in fact the morning before Christmas
and Santa was asleep in his bed.
Dreams of children excited and joyous
currently occupied his head.

Then he woke with a start and looked at his clock
that was flashing zero zero, zero zero.
He glanced at his watch and sat up in shock
and frowning he said “Oh …”

“Ptooiee!” was the word he finally chose in
an admirable display of restraint.
Then he muttered his way down to the kitchen
to find his next source of complaint.

He found his wife Mary had made his breakfast for him
but that that had been two hours before.
The contents of his plate were now an incentive to slim
(though one he intended to ignore).

The first task of the day was the workshop inspection
to ensure all the toys had been done.
Well there were toy parts scattered in every direction
but of the elves he could not find one.

In a rage now he stomped off to the stable
where he found that the door was ajar.
For an hour he chased Rudolph but was unable
to avoid being outdistanced by far.

And at this point the fairy came to deliver a fir
and full of the Christmas spirit
said “Here is the tree that you ordered sir.
Now where would you like me to put it?”

And there perhaps I’ve told enough of the story
for you to know why it’s at the top of the tree
and now you have heard the tale of the Christmas Fairy.


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