Fantasy 419

Great day to you and your family!
Your being recommended to myself despite not knowing me.
Introduce myself I will. I am Prince Hondelberd
from the country Marnalwim of what you’ve probably heard.
Country of my home recently has been overtaken
by the great evil wizard Zendrel the Forsaken.
My father sits still upon his mighty throne
but known by few is puppet of evil wizard’s own.
Thought I did he would forget about my key.
The one of two alone that will open the treasury.
Evil wizard knowing all enchanted has all the gold.
Not a piece can be removed beyond the mighty stronghold.
I find solely other sorceror who say he might stand a chance
of lifting spell so evil but wants five hundred gold paid in advance.
This part of tale where I turn to others for foreign aid.
If advance you can supply part of hoard will to you be paid.
For mere five hundred coin three tenths of fortune you will gain.
What better offer this year you’ll get? Best response from you is plain.

Yours greatly sincere Prince Hondelberd
(via trusted friends since events occurred).


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