Buy Buy Buy

Hopefully this is just an alternate future.
“You think I won’t shoot you? Just sit down now.
Of course I would. I’m looking for an excuse anyhow.
You’re the reason we buried my youngest last week.

Treatment was unaffordable thanks to the power you seek.
“Such an innocuous change, the one that started the chain.
Who would have thought it would cause all this pain?
The economy was in trouble, that we all could agree.
When you came up with your plan that was all we could see.
Elimination of income tax for those that voluntarily chose
to spend a minimum percentage of income, and only those.
The idea was that you’d make some back on corporation tax and VAT
and drive economies of scale for native companies at that.
You sold it to the nation with your persuasive cry
‘It is your patriotic duty to buy buy buy!’

“But too few people took an interest in your scheme
so the next step was to hike income tax it would seem.
Then you made it compulsory. Income tax was abolished.
The announcement of mounting VAT was given its usual polish.
Politicians were exempt of course. Demands on your time are too high.
Too busy telling us ‘It’s your patriotic duty to buy buy buy!’

“People found ways around this. They sold to each other.
To their friends and families, to their sister, their brother.
And the government it seemed was happy with this for a while.
They still got their VAT so the tax man still wore a smile.
While for our wallets’ sake we hoped there would be no more attacks
you eventually saw the opportunity to make more from corporation tax.
So from minimum percent spent it went to maximum share saved.
Of course for you busy politicians the requirements were still waived.
You ignored the public uproar. Nobody believed your cry
‘It is your patriotic duty to continue to buy buy buy!’

“And after all of this you lousy churl, it still wasn’t enough.
You put a flat limit on savings to make us buy even more stuff.
It didn’t take long of course before it was cut, and cut again.
No doubt you would cut it again. It’s just a question of when.
It’s gone far too far. I’m not letting you have your own way.
You may have made yourself exempt but now you are going to pay.
You’ve caused so many so much pain and that is the reason why
it is my patriotic duty to say to you – bye bye bye!”


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