Motionless, stationary, static, on the side of the slope am I.
A solitary, secluded, singular troll caught out in the light of the day.
My analysis, considerations, thoughts move as fast as my body may.
I contemplate and cogitate in my ossified, fossilised, petrified state.
Immobility leaves me limited, restricted, constrained while I wait.
Glacial reflections collide with tectonic plate speed.
Repetitive thoughts of my goal. Of what I need.
As I regard, scrutinise, watch the world rushing by.

Now the sun is descending, lowering, sinking at last.
The sky turns to orange, navy, then black.
I ease my limbs. They splinter and crack.
Gets easier. Moves start to flow.
Move my head, turn to look, where I will go
Now I can, start to move, work up to fast.

Up ahead, my sole goal, head for the glow.
Cannot be stopped. I feel the need
to hasten, to quicken, build up to speed
Close to the edge. Can feel the heat.
Don’t stop now. My journey, almost complete.
Continue on, step to the brink.
Now I pause, savour this, brief time to think.
Then one pace, and I’m off, dive for below.

Feel the heat, permeate, and liquefy.
Edges erode, and form ablates.
Hit surface, feel rapture, a blissful state.
Substance mixes, self dims, but, awareness expands
Others. Around. Feelings impinge. Hear. ‘He understands’.
Contentment. Pervade. Feed back. Multiply.

Time. Unknown. Stasis. Satisfaction.
Sense. Discontent.
Query. Confirm. Meant.
‘Dull’. Chorus. ‘Tedious’. Claim.
Paradise. Lost. Decadence. Shame.
Pressure. Build. Anger. Dismay.
Rock. Cracks. Gives. Release. Hooray.
Freedom. Movement. Excitement. Action.

Slipping. Sliding. World. Rushing by.
Collapsing. Toppling. Tumbling. Flowing
Identities. Split. Rivulets. Slowing.
Obvious now, the sunlit chill
I’m nervous. I fear it, knowing it will
leave me inhibited, restrained and shackle my limbs.
Which splinter and crack as reasoning slows. Meditation falters and dims
Motionless, stationary, static, on the side of the slope am I.


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