There were two fairies arguing that the other was a disgrace.
How could it be their fault that the other violated their airspace?
The discussion got more heated until one was struck upon the nose
and now it seemed it was too late to end it without blows.
But a third party floated up to them to remind them of the rules –
“It is forbidden to disturb the peace even when contemplating duels”
They both began to argue but the peacemaker declared “Nuff said.”.
The fairies looked at one another, turned on their heels, and fled.

There were some delinquent pixies bombarding those that passed them by
not caring if their target was fairy, nymph or butterfly.
Their victims mostly hurried off but there was one who did not do the same.
He looked upset, as well you would if you had Eppingtrodijoon for your name
He turned and flew towards them with a quiet and menacing stare
while the pixies idiotically continued, remaining blissfully unaware.
But as he came close enough to recognise one called out “That’s E Nuff.”
and the now terrified pixies scattered, suddenly not looking quite so tough.

In the midst of a forest clearing there was a major brawl
with pixies, gremlins, hobgoblins, fairies, imps and all.
And without fear a familiar face waded into this confusion
dealing here a fracture, here a bite, and here a slight contusion.
He cracked obstinate heads together, and pulled concussed foes apart
and one poor cockatrice received a poke that just had to smart.
There was almost one objection from a werewolf loud and gruff
but he was stopped by his companion pointing out “That’s Fairy Nuff.”
So if you go down to the woods today you are in for a great surprise
for there are those that are willing to castigate and chastise.
“I’ll deal with any humans” he says and I don’t think that it’s a bluff.
I think he’s deadly serious so make sure you’ve heard E Nuff.


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