Ambassador of Love

In no direction, and all around, there lies
a land to make the clever daft and the foolish wise.
A land that makes you long for it upon a single view.
It is invulnerable to hate and self pretence
for as the people will tell you there is no defence
when the Ambassador of Love opens relations with you.

It’s the Ambassador that gives the country a face
that facing you causes your heart to race
despite knowing that it has at last found home.
There is no better place. There is no need to go.
There’s no greater dwelling without a doubt you know
no matter how far, or how long, you care to roam

When the Ambassador speaks then all becomes clear
whatever your language; everything is understood here.
The tongue, the customs, the devotions become obvious to you.
Yet you still can’t explain to one who has not been
just what they are missing. You have to wait till they’ve seen
love’s domain. Then, and only then, will your words ring true.

When the Ambassador negotiates then you want to accede.
That you want to get along is unanimously agreed
which explains the mandate that is mediated by Fate
And so you surrender the sovereignty of your heart,
abandon control, dismantle defenses to be a part
of their life and to join them in the ultimate superstate.


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