Dark Maths

(Many of the following terms have been abducted from mathematics without its
knowledge or consent. Any usage similar to their mathematical definitions is
purely coincidental)

Radian Invariant, ranging over the greater boolean plane,
cease your ramphoiding compactification, and remain.
I name thee Azimuth, and by the Seventh Roots of Unity
I circumscribe your hyperosculating, and directrix you to constant be.

Let your hyperbola’s arc intersect their parametric node.
Quadratically expand their latus rectum with your geometric goad.
Knot the infimum’s lines of symmetry, venn kick their annuli.
Plague them with transvectant kurtosis. Let it multiply.
Interquartile the degenerates (with manifold parenthesis).
Subtrahend their crepant tamisage with bicuspidal dual axis.
Faciently render them nilpotent with the cofibrant ultimatum
to loose the scalene daemons Al-ge-bra and Al-gore-rithm.


I mean… intercept my deviation reflexive.
Born of frustrum, I reflect on perspectrix.
Forgive their propinquity.
Understand their aberrancy.
Discriminant tolerance of their plurigenus;
as their discontinuities seem to us.

Regulus, your amnestic figure,
I remain your humble exponent.
Coherent to the peppetuant.
Successor Catalecticant.

Hear my apothem.
Let the quotients ring…

One rumination on “Dark Maths

Who knew mathematics was so violent?

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